Our Partners

By partnering with AquaAction, you join an ambitious community taking decisive steps towards preserving North America's freshwater health. But it's not just about us, it's about your opportunity to lead tangible impact for the economy, communities and the environment.

Why Partner with us?

Become a Leader in Sustainability: Join our mission to drive real change and position your organization as a leader in freshwater sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Nurture Talent: Gain access to a vibrant pool of high-potential startups and job-ready talent.

Test Sustainable Solutions: Explore opportunities to implement novel, ESG-aligned technologies emerging from our AquaEntrepreneur program.

Boost Employee Engagement: Shape a culture of innovation. Your experts can act as mentors, competition judges, and workshop facilitators, empowering our community while enhancing their own professional growth.

This is an invitation to be more than just a partner; it's an opportunity to be part of a movement that is reshaping the new water-focused future. In a world where water is increasingly scarce, we believe that being part of the blue economy isn't just an option—it's imperative.


Water challenges can spark groundbreaking innovations. Partner with AquaAction to transform these challenges into opportunities:

Contribute to ideation and problem solving by proposing a water issue to
our AquaHacking Challenge.

Nurture a new generation of innovators who are seeking solutions to regional water issues and enhance your sustainability goals.

Share your expertise and guidance as a mentor, helping shape the next generation of water-tech pioneers.

Support the program and its objectives with financial contributions, helping us catalyze more impactful solutions.

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Regional Partners

Advisory/Steering Committee Members

Aqua Hacking Water Issue Leaders