Look Closer

Our Freshwater
is in Danger

Excessive pollution, growing demand, crumbling infrastructure, and a changing climate are putting strain on freshwater. The world’s water supply is finite – there is no new water – so, how can we protect this shared, precious resource?


There is a high and growing demand for freshwater, but the supply and quality of this critical resource is under serious threat. Here’s a look at a few of the main risks freshwater is facing.


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Life-Threatening Contaminants

From toxic algae blooms to microplastics to pharmaceuticals, freshwater ecosystems are under increasing threat of pollution. How does this impact you?

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Failing Infrastructure

In many cities and towns, the hidden network of pipes that bring safely treated water to your tap at home are leaking, breaking, and failing daily. What does this mean for freshwater resources?

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A Changing Climate

“If climate change is the shark, water is the teeth,” climate expert James P. Bruce once said. Rising temperatures, extreme weather, and prolonged droughts are having a destructive impact on lakes, rivers, and streams. How can you help?

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Water is not only critical for life – it’s also part of everything we use and consume. As the world’s population grows, the demand for freshwater increases. But water is a finite resource. How can we take action to conserve it?