Atlantic Canada 2022-23

AquaHacking Challenge


We are so happy to be coming back

to Canada’s Atlantic Region!


We are working hard on all the logistics and behind the scenes program development.  Check back here in September for the announcement of water issues that teams will tackle and for registration.

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call for water issues

Attention eNGOs, municipalities, and communities!

We are looking for water issues that are impacting communities across the region (quality, access, management, etc), and that are well placed for tech-based solutions (engineering or digital tech).


Submit your water issue before July 22, 2022

To help you gage the kinds of solutions that are developed in an AquaHacking Challenge, have a look through the list of alumni enterprises.

About the Challenge

Atlantic Canada is home to a spectacular system of dynamic freshwater and marine environments. Water is core to ecosystems and communities across the region; from Indigenous, to rural, to urban. Water is the life-giving force that unites all beings within this vast geography.

This program is focused on solutions. We engage talented young innovators from across Canada to put their skills to work for freshwater.

We need solutions now and we need everyone engaged! If you care about water and are solutions-minded, this is the program for you!

Streams of water


Water has no substitute.

The time is now for solutions and change.

The Prizes

Half-way through the program, all teams pitch their solution during the AquaHacking semi-final event. This is a huge feat, and we welcome all semi-finalists into the AquaHacking Alumni community!

From these pitches, the top 5 teams are selected to go onto Phase 2 of the program. These finalists receive $2,000 to support the continuation of their work as they refine their solution in preparation for their pitch at the AquaHacking Finale.
All 5 finalist teams are winners and receive kick-start business training, leadership training, a spot in a local incubator, Lavery Lawyers credits and seed funding.


Public Choice Award
First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Fourth Place
Fifth Place


Eligible participants in an AquaHacking Challenge are between 18-35 years of age, a resident of Canada and enrolled in a post-secondary institution or be a recent graduate. They are interested in freshwater and have skills in water science, engineering, programming, sustainable development, data, marketing or entrepreneurship. Most importantly, they believe ingenuity anchored in a respect for the natural world can make the difference we need in our climate impact world.

How To Participate

Register & create your water-hacker profile

Build your multi-disciplinary team

Choose a water issue & tackle it

Develop your solution & pitch it to the judges


September 2022

September 2022


Water issues are announced and Challenge registration opens

Sept 2022 - Feb 2023

Sept 2022 - Feb 2023

Phase 1

Teams are established, meet water experts, develop their solutions and access on-demand workshops, and mentoring

Feb-March 2023

Feb-March 2023

Semi-Final (virtual)

Teams pitch their solution to a panel of judges, and 5 finalist teams are selected.

March -June 2023

March -June 2023

Phase 2

Finalist teams participate in leadership development workshop, access entrepreneurship training, and pitch training

June 2023

June 2023

AquaHacking Finale (hybride)

TOP 5 Teams pitch their final solution and business plan to a panel of judges. Winners are chosen and awards given.

July 2023+

July 2023+


Teams receive a spot in an incubator and teams join the AquaHacking Alumni Community

Advisory Committee

Emma Wattie

Director, Atlantic Water Network

Sheila Paterson

Chief Operating Officer, COVE

Elizabeth Hendriks

VP, Restoration and Regeneration, WWF Canada

Colleen McNeil

Analyst, Water and Ecosystem, Environement and Climate Change Canada

Anne-Marie Léger

Director Policy, ACOA

Gordon Check

Senior Hydrogeologist, Nova Scotia Environment

Amina Stoddart

Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University

Lorie MacCarthy

VP Relationship Management, RBCx

Matthew Mizzi

CEO, Drinkable (Alumni)

Dominique Monchamp

Executive Director, de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation

Gwen Klees

Senior VP, Business Support ESG, OVIVO


Interested in bringing AquaHacking to a watershed near you and improving freshwater health? Let’s Connect, or follow us on social to be the first to know about our next Challenge.