Montreal Pilot 2021-22

Between August 2021 and July 2022, 3 Montreal-based companies are accelerating their water tech and business development in partnership with municipalities from the Greater Montréal region.

Meet The Cohort

AquaAction Chemistry Winner

Chem Brains

Closed loop water treatment and recycling system for splash pads.

AquaAction RDMI Second Place Winners

Ecotime Solutions

Rainwater recovery and redistribution system for buildings.

AquaAction Montreal Winner

O’land Stations

Water bottle refill station connected to the municipal water supply for community events.

About Aqua Entrepreneur Montréal

With support from the City of Montréal, this first edition of the AquaEntrepreneur program is delivered as a pilot program with a specific focus on the municipal sector. Through this 10-month accelerator, Montreal-based water tech companies will be guided by coaches in business development and city contacts to work towards the ultimate goal of conducting a pilot project with a municipal partner.

A group of people partaking from AquaEntrepreneur Montreal at a water treatment facility

Meet Our Coaches

Professional coaches accompany the companies in the AquaEntrepreneur Montréal program, guiding them in assessing product-market fit, developing their value proposition, fine-tuning their communications and marketing strategies, and more.

Get More Information

To learn more about AquaEntrepreneur and about timelines for the program launch please contact Mélissa Dick at