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Aqua Entrepreneur

A unique acceleration program that helps companies specializing in water technologies in the municipal market.

About the Program

AQUAENTREPRENEUR is an accelerator program issued by AquaAction that helps companies specializing in water technologies bring their innovative solutions to the municipal market through pilot projects that have a potential large-scale impact.

Some technologically innovative freshwater solutions created by emerging companies need to be tested and validated in the field before being fully deployed. This is where AquaEntrepreneur comes in.

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AquaEntrepreneur Québec

With the support of the Government of Québec, AquaAction is accelerating the deployment of water tech pilot projects in partnership with municipalities across the province. 

AquaEntrepreneur Montreal Pilot

Between August 2021 and May 2022, 3 Montreal-based companies are accelerating their water tech and business development in the municipal sector.

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A Win For Tech Companies

AquaEntrepreneur provides tech-companies with a new platform to:

  • Prepare and test their technologically innovative solution in the field
  • Validate their service offer and adapt it to the needs of end-users
  • Access to a business coaching program
  • Obtain the necessary feedback to optimize the performance of the proposed solutions

A Win For The End-User

AquaEntrepreneur works closely with the end-user to:

  • Implement solutions that meet their water management needs
  • Integrate a culture of innovation within their organization
  • Champion the end-user as a leader in sustainable water management
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Selected Companies Receive:

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Through on-the-ground pilot projects

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From business, legal, and market experts

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Webinars, news articles, conference presentations

My participation in the program helped me make my pilot project a reality thanks to the quality support I received from business specialists and organizers.


Participant Montréal Pilot


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To learn more about AquaEntrepreneur please contact info@aquaaction.org