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With AquaHacking, we EMPOWER he next wave of young innovators to spearhead groundbreaking tech to solve our freshwater challenges.

Through AquaEntrepreneur, we TURBOCHARGE the rollout of innovative water solutions and enable commercialization in the municipal, AgTech and industrial markets.

Are you ready to launch a clean-tech start-up?

Our Programs

Join the AquaHacking revolution and tackle freshwater environmental challenges while kickstarting your own startup! Ready to make an impact? Let's dive right in!

Level up your water tech venture and break into new markets! We're here to supercharge the launch of cutting-edge water solutions, aiding municipalities, agriculture and industries in adapting to our ever-changing climate.

Meet the AquaAction Alumni leading the charge in freshwater solutions. They've transformed their ideas into thriving startups. Explore their groundbreaking innovations and witness their journey. This could be your story too! Explore our Change-Makers.