Our water resources are threatened by climate change. Water is life. Quebec is leading the way toward sustainable solutions.

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Cohorte 2 - AquaEnt QC

AbbaTek Group Inc. 

AbbaTek Group's mission is to make accurate, actionable environmental data available for every community and contaminant.


Using artificial intelligence, AITera offers socially and economically sustainable solutions for soil and groundwater decontamination to ensure a safe supply.


Bello's mission is to reduce the consumption of plastic and emissions caused by bottled beverages through the use of a domestic water dispenser that purifies and flavours water by means of reusable capsules.

BioAlert Solutions

BioAlert Solutions offers innovative biotechnology to detect pathogens in industrial and commercial water.

Blue Lion Labs

Blue Lion Labs has developed a system that automatically identifies and counts different types of algae in water, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence and unique data collection.

BrewSonic Inc.

BrewSonic Inc. applies a new flavour extraction method for beer production, reducing the use of raw materials such as hops and water.

Ecofilter Tek

Ecofilter Tek is a developer of high-performance membranes that uses a new technology in various sectors such as food, wastewater treatment, and pharmaceuticals.

EXO Tactik

EXO Tactik is a drone operator specializing in public safety and municipal services that supports public administration officials and first responders so they can better serve citizens.


GÉODAR uses its intelligent sensor to help companies and municipalities reduce the number of breakages in water mains, natural gas pipelines and electrical wiring during civil engineering work.

Groupe X-Telia Inc

X-Telia makes cities smarter with a cloud-based water metre management solution that enables proactive management of drinking water distribution.


Klorofila enables small indoor farms to efficiently develop their green leaf production through the use of strategic technologies and innovations.

OClair Environnement

OClair Environnement creates joint IT communication and management tools, shared by water managers to ensure that laws and regulations are applied effectively, with the aim of protecting public health and the environment.

Pergamon Perceptive Technologies

Pergamon Perceptive offers solutions for HVAC, Industry 4.0, Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, Oil & Gas and other vertical applications that guarantee accurate data for better decision-making.


Prevu3D offers a cloud-based platform and 3D software solutions to capture reality quickly and make it accessible using its interactive 3D software.

S3nergy Inc. (RegenEAU)

RegenEAU is accelerating the efficient electrification of homes by offering innovative solutions in building mechanics. Its solution recovers heat from domestic wastewater.


Sentiom transforms residential buildings into smart, sustainable, & caring homes. Our technology eliminates 90% of water consumption due to leaks while reducing insurance costs & lowering the energy bills for residential buildings.

Solutions Circulus Agtech Inc.

Circulus Agtech uses agricultural waste, particularly animal manure, to produce a sustainable fertilizer. Circulus fertilizer is rapidly absorbed into plants, limiting GHG losses and pathogen runoff into waterways.

Techno Protection Québec Inc.

Techno Protection Quebec protects metal infrastructure against corrosion so as to increase lifespan and reduce the ecological footprint.

Technologies Ecofixe

Technologies Ecofixe specializes in biological wastewater treatment. It offers economical, ecological and energy-efficient systems for municipalities and industries.

Water Rangers

Water Rangers allows everyone to collect water quality data and share their data openly through specialized kits and their data platform so that everyone can participate in water monitoring and management.

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