[Series] Humans behind AquaHacking: Atlantic Water Network

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This time for our Humans behind AquaHacking, we talked with Aislin Livingstone and her team at Atlantic Water Canada. Since we have been working with them since 2019 for the AquaHacking challenge in Atlantic Canada, we asked them to tell us more about their mission and their vision about eco-responsibility!

Meet the Atlantic Water Network team through those few questions…

Clockwise from top: Atlantic Water Network Team: Aislin Livingstone, Laura Chandler, Emma Wattie, with Kariann Aarup from AquaHacking HQ.


> What is your professional background before arriving at AquaHacking?

Based at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Water Network (AWN) is one of the few water organizations in Atlantic Canada with a regional mandate. For over a decade, we have acted as a catalyst and support system for over 50 community-based organizations and watershed groups by providing access to free equipment, data management solutions, and training workshops.

> A word or an expression that defines you well?

Water. It’s our middle name!

> What do you like most about your job (in general)?

We get to work with so many diverse organizations doing important work in watersheds across a very large geographical scale. While the needs of community-based organizations are unique from place to place, it’s great to see people come together to achieve the common goal of better understanding and protecting watershed health in Atlantic Canada.

> Why do you think we should care about what AquaHacking does?

AWN was very excited to be hosting an AquaHacking Challenge in Atlantic Canada! It is because of its focus on marrying tech innovation with issues defined by communities and watershed groups. The past few years have seen a surge in tech competitions but the AquaHacking Challenge presents a real opportunity for our network to tap into affordable and accessible technologies that are tailor-made to solve local water issues.

> What is your favorite lake or river?

Our team hails from very different parts of the country but we all agreed that Wolastoq (Saint John River) and its tributaries are pretty special.

> For you what is a healthy lake or river?

A healthy lake or river has water quality and flows that can sustain plants, animals, and the local human populations. Wich relies on them for swimming, drinking, and local economies.

> What are your pro-environmental gestures or efforts or resolutions?

We try to minimize our environmental impact by walking, biking, and taking public transit to work. Buying local and supporting community-based environmental initiatives is always easy to do and rewarding!

> What social media do you use the most?

As a network, we know that our partners and members use different social media to communicate. So, we pretty consistently try to cross-post on Twitter and Facebook. Lately, we’ve really upped our Instagram game thanks to Laura, our team’s social media guru!


Learn more about the AquaHacking challenge in Atlantic Canada here and check out Atlantic Water Network’s website by clicking here!