Ask your environmental questions to the federal parties for the debate!

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As part of the 5th edition of the AquaHacking Fest, an environmental tech competition, young Canadians from coast to coast to coast are being asked to make their voices heard on issues related to environmental innovation, green economy and the protection of Canada’s freshwater.

At the event on September 27, representatives of the five main federal political parties (LPC, CPC, NDP, BQ and GPC) will have the opportunity to share their party’s vision on environmental issues. AquaHacking proposes to organize the discussions of the exchange around questions from student leaders.

AquaHacking invites you to send us your questions and concerns to info@aquahacking.com and we will submit them to the political parties that will form Canada’s next government. AquaHacking will be pleased to forward any relevant questions from your organization to representatives of the five federal political parties. The selected questions will be shared with you before the exchange so that we can, if necessary, adequately represent your organization.

Between now and this September 27 exchange, AquaHacking calls upon all political parties to include in their electoral platform a commitment to expand restrictions on single-use plastics to bottled water and all beverages, excluding use in emergency relief, by December 31, 2022.

Link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/government-of-canada-canada-to-phase-out-single-use-plastic-bottles-en-fr