Aqua Forum applaud blue and green recovery plan Speech of the Throne

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Aqua Forum and the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation applaud the Government of Canada for unveiling an ambitious blue and green recovery plan in today’s Throne Speech. While the Prime Minister had indicated that it would lay out his government’s intention to set Canada on the path to build a green economy, the speech also underscored the importance of water to the health of Canadians, our communities, our ecosystems, and our economy.

Aqua Forum’s Chairman, François de Gaspé Beaubien, reacted to today’s Speech from the Throne:

“The federal government has sent an important message to Canadians: our country’s economic recovery will have to consider the importance of prioritizing climate action and investing in the Blue economy. Aqua Forum is confident water, more particularly freshwater, will constitute an important vector of technological development in the years to come. We hope the federal government will invest in projects that directly support the development of water infrastructure and the commercialization of water tech solutions. Today’s speech is an important first step to organizations like ours which seek to make Canada a leading actor in the field water technology for the benefits of its economy and its people.”

“As stated in today’s Throne Speech, Canadians are counting on this Parliament to protect Canada’s water as an essential part of our health, our economy and our identity as a country. Building on the framework and direction laid out in the Speech, we look forward to concrete actions along the lines laid out in the letter to the Prime Minister we co-authorized and co-signed along with key organizations across Canada, such as the creation of a Canada Water Agency,” added Aqua Forum President and CEO, Désirée McGraw.