Webinar Summary: Presenting the newly created BleuImpact Fund

By Mélissa Dick
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The newly launched BleuImpact Fund is an investment fund by Cycle Capital Management and lead by Mr. Simon Olivier. It is a unique investment fund in the water tech space in that it focuses on impact and sustainability and supports sustainable growth for the benefit of the environment, society and the economy.

On March 31, the AquaHacking Alumni program hosted a webinar discussion with guest speaker Mr. Simon Olivier, Head of the BleuImpact Fund and Senior Partner at Cycle Capital Management. The objective of the webinar was to allow an opportunity for Mr. Olivier to present the new BleuImpact Fund publicly for the first time, and to support a conversation between the fund manager and AquaHacking Alumni members, in line with the collaborative partnership between Aqua Forum and the BleuImpact Fund.

What is the BleuImpact Fund?

Mr. Olivier explained that the goal of the fund is to support innovative companies and scale up their solutions protecting and conserving water supplies. The fund is targeting investments in the industrial and agriculture sectors with special focus on water treatment and digital water solutions.


The BleuImpact Fund is looking to support water tech start-ups who are pre-seed, seed, and Series A, who have already validated their product and have revenue. Eligible companies are not required to be profitable, given that the fund invests in more early-stage companies.

Investment Criteria

He explained that a key characteristic of BleuImpact Fund is sustainability. They fund will consider key indicators of performance related to environmental impact as it is important for the fund’s investments to have a long-term impact.

The investment criteria for the BleuImpact Fund are:

  1. Entrepreneur with a good understanding of the challenges of the market and who has developed a technological, unique and pragmatic solution
  2. Talented entrepreneurial team motivated by improving water-related services
  3. Level of technological maturity demonstrated and accepted by the industry
  4. Sustainable and robust technical innovation and benefits, with potential for global deployment; supported by an intellectual property strategy
  5. Solution with significant and measurable environmental impact
  6. Strong exit potential

Ultimately, the fund is looking to support a talented team with a unique solution that has the potential for significant environmental impact and scaling up.

To stay up to date on future developments related to the BleuImpact Fund, visit the Cycle Capital Management website.

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