The RBC Foundation through RBC Tech for Nature partners with AquaAction

By Laurence Basso
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The RBC Foundation through RBC Tech for Nature partners with AquaAction to support programming that is accelerating freshwater protection and the blue economy.

MONTREAL, JUNE 29TH, 2023 – AquaAction is delighted to announce that it has been awarded multi-year support from the RBC Foundation through the RBC Tech for Nature donation to support innovative programming focused on promoting water-tech innovation and entrepreneurship for a new blue economy.

This donation will enable AquaAction to drive impactful initiatives in freshwater preservation and nurture a new generation of talented innovators and entrepreneurs. Thanks to the RBC Foundation’s support to date, over 55 active start-ups have emerged, spearheading transformative changes in the municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors. These start-ups have demonstrated their commitment to addressing critical challenges, including reducing water pollution, preventing leaks in municipal water systems, recovering plastics from beaches, promoting city resilience to climate-related disasters, and tackling water pollution through innovative and sustainable solutions.

With the support of the RBC Foundation, AquaAction will develop practical and tangible solutions to restore the well-being of freshwater ecosystems across North America. The programming that is supported by the RBC Foundation exemplifies a steadfast belief in the power of technology and innovation to safeguard our precious freshwater resources while fostering thriving communities and ecosystems.

“We believe that innovation is key to addressing and scaling solutions focused on the pressing environmental challenges our communities are facing,” said Mark Beckles, Vice-President, Social Impact & Innovation, RBC. “That’s why we’re committed to bringing the power of RBC Tech for Nature to life through our partnership with AquaAction and their work through the AquaHacking Challenge and the AquaEntrepreneur program, creating long-lasting change through youth-driven innovation.”

The foundation’s generous contribution will support the expansion of AquaAction’s programming, amplify support for entrepreneurs and alumni, and pave the way for the launch of new initiatives aimed at safeguarding our precious freshwater reserves.

“We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support of the RBC Foundation as we embark on our mission to drive innovation from ideation to commercial adoption throughout North America,” said Soula Chronopoulos, President, at AquaAction. “The RBC Foundation’s commitment to engaging the next generation of tech and entrepreneurial talent in developing groundbreaking solutions for our critical freshwater issues has been instrumental since our inception in 2015. With the RBC Foundation as our steadfast partner, we are turning our vision into reality.”

AquaAction acknowledges that forward-thinking financial institutions like the RBC Foundation play a pivotal role in enabling powerful initiatives that create a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Together, AquaAction and RBC Foundation will continue to drive positive change and foster innovation in freshwater protection and climate adaptation.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Laurence Basso, Manager, Communications, laurence@aquaaction.org, 514-664-4399

About AquaAction: AquaAction is a registered charity, in Canada and the United States, established in 2015 by the Fondation de Gaspé Beaubien. It was created to disrupt the status quo with innovative ideas and engage the youth in the fight against the water-related climate crisis. AquaAction has developed three programs focused on water innovation and technology: the AquaHacking Challenge, AquaEntrepreneur, and the AquaAction Alumni Community. AquaAction is proud to count the RBC Foundation, Ovivo, IBM Canada, Lavery, and Mitacs among its partners.

For more information, visit www.aquaaction.org.