Atlantic Challenge 2022

Meet the AquaHacking Atlantic Canada Finalist!

By Laurence Basso
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The AquaHacking Atlantic Canada Challenge has reached an exciting stage where we now have the top 5 finalists that made it to the final round. These teams have been working tirelessly to find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the Atlantic Canada region when it comes to water quality and sustainability.

On Saturday March 3rd, the teams pitched their solutions and 5 teams have been selected by our panel of experts to move forward.

Watch the TOP 5 announcement:

Meet the TOP 5 TEAMS

Team SenseH2O,finalist in the AquaHacking Atlantic Canada Challenge:

The SenseH2O team has developed a cloud-based platform that delivers real-time water quality data as a service to watershed organizations and open databases using SenseH2O Water monitoring Station. The platform allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of water quality data using web and mobile applications. Watch their pitch :

Team SU, finalist in the AquaHacking Atlantic Canada Challenge

SU is another team that caught our attention with their creative approach to reducing plastic waste. The team is using phragmites, an invasive plant in Canadian wetlands, as natural and reusable straws. Their solution not only helps reduce plastic waste but also provides a sustainable use for the invasive plant, protecting our wetlands and promoting a sustainable future. Watch their pitch :

Team Kamino, finalist in the AquaHacking Atlantic Canada Challenge

Kamino has developed a program/app for landscapers, contractors and other professionals that uses stormwater databases and GIS maps to determine potential green infrastructure benefits for the intended area. It also provides applicable grants and rebates available for the project while storing it in a database at the system level for tracking and future referencing.Watch their pitch :

Team TechStar Digital Labs, finalist in the AquaHacking Atlantic Canada Challenge

TechStar Digital Labs has developed GREENHUT, an intensive green roofing solution for households, providing a natural form of vegetation to reduce stormwater runoff from buildings. The solution offers unique features such as DIY self-installation kits, affordability, customizability, and reusability with green cement layering, making it a unique offering in the market. Watch their pitch :

Team Seacycle, finalist in the AquaHacking Atlantic Canada Challenge

Last but not least, Seacycle has developed an innovative water filtration system that filters out plastic waste ranging from water bottles to microplastics using a gravity filter while also providing automated water quality reports. This system can be attached to any existing wharf infrastructure and provides automated hourly water quality reports on key metrics such as pH levels. Watch their pitch :

These five teams have made it to the final round of the AquaHacking Atlantic Canada Challenge, and their solutions represent some of the most innovative approaches to water quality and sustainability challenges in the region. Congratulations to all the finalists, and we look forward to seeing your final pitches on June 16th !

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The Atlantic Canada AquaHacking Challenge is co-hosted with the Saint Mary’s University.