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Humans Behind AquaAction : Sylvie Charbonneau

By Sylvie Charbonneau
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Meet Sylvie Charbonneau, the new Director of the AquaEntrepreneur Québec program! Get to know her more through this interview!

About me :
Sylvie Charbonneau, Director of the new AquaEntrepreneur program. This is a unique opportunity for me to contribute to the entrepreneurship and adoption of water technologies which is a source of well-being in my life and so important for life more generally. 

Journey :
 I have been mainly passionate about the water sector for a long time, notably as an R&D engineer and also as a program manager in the implementation of clean technologies for Environnement Québec. I was able to acquire a 360 vision of water management in Quebec by continuing as an entrepreneur and consultant with impacts in industries through reduction at source, optimization of manufacturing processes, profitability of investments as well as recurrent and significant savings from non-quality. I continued in the implementation of quality systems with Lean, Six Sigma, Toyota approaches in management, strategic and operational support functions. Collaboration work, creativity and training with engaged teams have made it possible to implement win-win solutions. I recently completed a master’s degree in innovation management. I was thus able to build a portfolio of investments in innovative SMEs with the potential to create wealth for Canada through the development of entrepreneurs and technological solutions applying to different fields. My field of activity with AquaEntrepreneur represents the best of both worlds: water and entrepreneurship.

What is your favorite lake or river?
For my friend Nessie, Loch Ness in Scotland.

Your strength in 1 word:
 My resilience

Your hidden superpower:
 I turn into a super frog with flippers!

What do you consider to be a healthy source of water? When we can say:
`I feel comfortable having a glass of it, cheers!`

What makes me laugh:
Discomforts and blunders

What relaxes me:
 Swimming and the outdoors

What I like about water:
Its versatility, its freshness, its transparency, its vulnerability, its strength

Three words to describe you:
Learn, understand and defend