Blue Lion Labs, AquaHacking ’17, launches new website

By Mélissa Dick
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The 1st place team of the 2017 AquaHacking Challenge, Blue Lion Labs, inspired by Jason Deglint’s PhD work, built a microscope that uses artificial intelligence to monitor water and identify algae and to automatically generate reports that are shared with stakeholders.You can hear more about their work and AquaHacking Challenge experience in Jason’s interview on the AquaHacking Podcast, titled Bad Blooms: The Dark Side of Algae.

Blue Lion Labs founder, Jason Deglint, has came a long way since the 2017 AquaHacking Challenge. In 2018, he won 2nd place in the Future Engineers for Water and Environmental Safety International Competition in China. Following that, in 2019, he won 2nd  place in the national Enactus Canada Student Entrepreneur Competition in Vancouver.

The team at Blue Lion Labs is growing. In 2019, Katie Thomas joined the team as Chief Science Officer and started working full-time for Blue Lion Labs. The team is also supported by Sylvia Phan in Business Development and Juan Park in Machine Learning.

Blue Lion Labs is currently active in three incubators and accelerator programs: the Next AI program at Next Canada, Accelerator Centre’s AC JumpStart program, and Velocity Garage.

Blue Lion Labs just launched a new website. Check it out to learn more about them, sign up for their newsletter, or contact them at: You can also connect with them on LinkedIn and on Twitter.