Bello Solutions, AquaHacking ’19, launches a GoFundMe Campaign to finalize prototype

By Mélissa Dick
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Bello Solutions was a finalist team in the 2019 AquaHacking Challenge. This young startup has a big goal: Reproduce the experience, the choice, the safety of the bottled water at home using tap water.  

To accomplish this objective the Bello team has designed a revolutionary water dispenser that works in two steps: 

First, it purifies tap water so it is completely pure and safe to drink. Inspired by elements within the natural water cycle (evaporation, condensation, mineralization) and 60 times more efficient at purifying water than a traditional water filter jug, it requires virtually no maintenance unlike filter jugs, reverse osmosis, and UV systems.

Second, it is personalizable to fit your lifestyle and tastes. Like a coffee machine, Bello developed cartridges of concentrates of essential minerals, natural flavours, and vitamins that you can infuse into the pure water. It offers you an infinite number of possibilities to customize your water. 

For example, a cartridge offering high concentrations of minerals allows for efficient recovery after playing sports or following a workout. Another cartridge with lower mineral concentrations and a hint of a lemon taste makes it possible to enjoy pure and pleasant-tasting water in the afternoon.

Today, Bello Solutions asks for your participation in their GoFundMe fundraiser to finalize their prototype. Each supporter will receive a gift voucher for the value of their donation.

To contribute to a healthier and better hydrated future, you can help Bello Solutions today by learning more and donating here.