AquaHacking Challenge Participants Gain Exclusive Access to Professional Development Tools

By Laurence
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The AquaHacking Challenge supports the development of emerging tech solutions by young innovators to solve freshwater issues via an 8-month competition. Winning teams are awarded with seed funding ($58,000 total is disbursed to the top teams!), a spot in a startup incubator, and credits for legal services – all key elements to support the continued development of the solutions, start-up companies, and initiatives established in the Challenge.

The ultimate goal of the AquaHacking Challenge is to support the development of water tech start-ups and initiatives whose solutions will help better manage drinking and recreational water sources to ensure improved quality and accessibility for all.

Participating in an AquaHacking Challenge is more than developing a solution. In fact, participants are responding to a critical need in a watershed. Issues are defined on local and regional scales but also have global significance.

A young start-up or new initiative looking to adapt their solution to the end-user and to a specific market requires extensive research and development processes that often take time. The AquaHacking Challenge streamlines this process to allow you to not waste any time.  Indeed, when you register for the Challenge, you will gain exclusive access to several on-demand video and workshops that will help you and your team develop your value proposition and build the foundations of your future start-up while simultaneously developing your innovative tech solution:

  • Design Thinking: a problem-solving technique that focuses on end-user needs, allowing for a more targeted development of new products and services.
  • Kickstart Express presented by Foresight: entrepreneurship learning modules to get you on track to identify end-users’ needs and to develop your value proposition.
  • Startup Law 101 presented by Lavery Lawyers: from incorporation to protecting your intellectual property, your team will learn the basics of startup legal framework.
  • Networking 101 presented by AquaHacking Alumni: learn the art of networking and how to make the most of the connections offered through the AquaHacking Challenge and beyond.
  • Pitch Perfect: how to prepare your pitch for the Semi-Final competition
  • Following the Semi-Final competition, Finalist teams will be able to access additional in-depth workshops on leadership development and entrepreneurship in addition to personalized 360° mentoring and a $2,000 bursary to invest in solution development leading up to the Final pitch competition.

Completing these training modules and workshops will position you and your team to be ready for the next step following the completion of the AquaHacking Challenge: joining the startup ecosystem and continuing your entrepreneurship journey through incubator and accelerator programs.

Curious to learn more? Visit the Mille Îles River and the Western Canada AquaHacking Challenge pages!

Sign up as a participant today to benefit from these tools.

At the Semi-Final pitch competition, solutions are evaluated according to 3 general criteria:

  • Environmental impact
  • Technological innovation and reliability
  • Long-term viability

In addition to these development tools, our team of experts and mentors will be available throughout the Challenge to support your team!

All you have to do is :

  1. Register for the Challenge
  2. Develop and apply your team’s expertise, talent, and skills
  3. Have a learning mindset.