AquaHacking alumni startups CANN Forecast and Geosapiens featured in virtual BlueTech Forum Connect

By Laurence
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On June 4, the BlueTech Forum hosted an online Connect event as an alternative to their traditionally in-person conference in Vancouver. Two of our alumni featured in this event: CANN Forecast and Geosapiens.

The online event brought together corporate end-users who are navigating water challenges with their companies and who are looking for innovative solutions to implement. Attendees included representatives from large water corporations, small water tech companies, industrial end-users, investors, research institutes, and government institutions.

What is BlueTech Forum exactly?

The BlueTech Forum is a boutique industry event, powered by BlueTech Research, which brings together the world’s leading water technology companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives. They come from leading research centers to network and hear cutting-edge presentations on market trends and insights (source). The Forum typically takes place every 2 years. The 2020 Conference was through a virtual format through BlueTech Forum Connect in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two members of the AquaHacking Alumni community featured in virtual BlueTech Forum Connect event: CANN Forecast and Geosapiens

 CANN Forecast, the first-place team from the 2016 AquaHacking challenge has developed artificial intelligence solutions to help municipalities with decision-making for recreational water quality through their InteliSwim service. Also, they developed a solution for water main infrastructure through their InteliPipes service.

 Geosapiens, the first-place team from the 2018 AquaHacking Challenge created E-nundation,  a web-based platform for dynamic and predictive flood risk mapping.

This is the first time that the AquaHacking Alumni community featured in the BlueTech Forum Innovation Showcase…and not the last!

CANN Forecast and Geosapiens had the opportunity to discover the latest innovations and emerging trends. They featured and showcased through video interviews and promotional posters and to meet potential new clients.

Alumni feedback

Hachem Agili from Geosapiens shares about his experience :

‘We very much appreciated our participation in Bluetech Forum Connect which nevertheless took place despite the health crisis. The virtual hosting did not deprive us of reconnecting with the community of scientists and entrepreneurs interested in water management issues. We are proud to be selected for the Innovation Showcase. The event brings together innovative companies from all over the world who have missions similar to ours. We look forward to reliving this experience next year, but this time in person in Vancouver.’

Read the case study by Geosapiens here. To learn more about their services, visit their company website & check out their promotional video!

Naysan Saran from CANN Forecast shares her insights:

“Participating in BlueTech Forum Connect gave us the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the latest trends in the water technology sector through the keynote speeches and expert interventions. Being featured in the innovation showcase increased our visibility to potential partners, both nationally and internationally.”

Read the case study by CANN Forecast here, and watch their promotional video here. To learn more about their company, visit their website.


In conclusion, the Blue Tech Forum is the perfect opportunity to :

  • Discover the latest innovations and emerging trends from your field.
  • Learn from corporate end-users on challenges faced and opportunities for innovation within this space.
  • Learn how to best adapt your company’s strategy from the influencers’ keynotes and interactive case studies.
  • Meet new people and network!

AquaHacking is very proud to have members of the alumni community CANN Forecast and Geosapiens featured in this Forum.

The next BlueTech Forum 2021 is June 2-3, 2021 in Vancouver BC. To learn more about the 2021 conference, sign up for updates here.