AquaHacking Alumni participating in Imagine H2O Water Innovation Week 2020 virtual conference

By Mélissa Dick
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From October 12-16, the AquaHacking Alumni network will gather virtually to attend Imagine H2O’s Water Innovation Week 2020 virtual conference. The AquaHacking Alumni Program has sponsored 30 members of its alumni network to virtually attend this conference, featuring sessions and breakout sessions such as “Become a Better Entrepreneur,” “Integrating Water into the Climate Discussion,” and “Innovation in an Operational Context: The View of the General Manager.”

The virtual conference also offers opportunities for virtual networking and access to additional recorded content. Alumni members will be joining a diverse mix of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, customers, advisors, and more to explore what is possible in the water sector this year.

To cap off the week of conference sessions, a special discussion exclusive to AquaHacking alumni members has been organized on October 16 with Canadian water entrepreneurship expert, Jonathan Grant. Having participated in both Imagine H2O programming and the AquaHacking Challenge, Jonathan is familiar with the needs of start-ups emerging from design competitions and knows what it takes for water tech companies to reach the market. Jonathan will summarize themes that were discussed in the Imagine H2O Water Innovation Week 2020 conference, adapt some key themes to the Canadian context, and help AquaHacking Alumni startups identify “What’s Next?” for them.

Check back on the AquaHacking Alumni news blog to hear key take-aways from the conference directly from alumni members!

An objective of the AquaHacking Alumni Program is to facilitate learning and networking opportunities for its members as they continue to develop their early-stage startups following their participation in the AquaHacking Challenge. We look forward to offering alumni members the opportunity to connect to this global network and be inspired by the immense potential for innovation and entrepreneurship in water.

If you are a member of the AquaHacking Alumni network and would like to learn more about the IH2O WIW2020 virtual conference and special session with Jonathan Grant on October 16, please email alumni@aquahacking.com.