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AquaAction Entrepreneur: Pioneering Innovation in Freshwater Solutions 

By AquaAction
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AquaAction Entrepreneur Spotlight: Pioneering Innovation in Freshwater Solutions 

At AquaAction, our mission has always been to foster innovation and creativity in the realm of water solutions. Over the years, we have been fortunate to witness the birth and growth of incredible ventures that are redefining the landscape of water-related technologies. Today, for World Entrepreneurship Week, we shine a light on our esteemed entrepreneurs, each of whom continues to make waves toward a sustainable water future for all. 

  1. Bello Solutions

Website: Bello Solutions 

Imagine a world where each sip of water promises both exquisite taste and unparalleled purity. Bello Water turns this vision into reality through its advanced technology, seamlessly blending purification, mineralization, and personalized flavor infusion into a single, sophisticated system. 

  1. Bio Alert Solutions

Website: BioAlert Solutions 

Bio Alert Solutions provides cutting-edge technological innovation engineered for the proactive, uninterrupted, automated, and self-reliant identification of hazardous pathogens, with a specific focus on the detection of legionella. This system is designed to provide robust and continuous pathogen monitoring, ensuring optimal safety and risk mitigation. 

  1. ChemBrains

Website: ChemBrains 

ChemBrains is pioneering the splashpad revolution. Their cutting-edge technology transforms water parks by treating and recycling water on splash pads. 

  1. Circulus Agtech

Website: Circulus Agtech 

Circulus Agtech is revolutionizing agriculture: Their groundbreaking process utilizes agricultural waste, notably animal manure, to craft an eco-friendly fertilizer. By effectively eliminating pathogens, we pave the way for the application of a greener fertilizer in the field. 

  1. Ecotime Solutions

Website: Ecotime Solutions 

Introducing Oasis: The ultimate all-in-one rainwater harvesting and distribution system, designed to revolutionize rainwater revalorization in buildings. By doing so, Oasis significantly reduces the consumption of precious drinking water resources for non-potable applications. 

  1. EMO3

Website: EMO3 

EMO3: Pioneering the future with scalable ozone systems, seamlessly harnessing the power of ozone for both water treatment and air remediation, setting a new standard in eco-friendly solutions. 

  1. EXO Tactik 

Website: EXO Tactik 

EXO Tactik is an RPAS operator specializing in public safety and municipal services. Their mission is to support the work of public servants and emergency responders to achieve more for their citizens.

  1. Hoola One

Website: Hoola One 

Hoola One has perfected solutions for soil decontamination from plastic pollution to preserve and restore affected ecosystems. 

  1. Klorofila

Website: Klorofila 

Enter the future of plant care with Klorofila’s Closed Loop System – a smart, intuitive solution that automates your daily watering needs effortlessly. 

10. O-Clair Environment 

Website ; O-Clair

Communication and computer management tools shared by water managers. Web-based platform for sharing real-time information on septic systems of isolated autonomous residences.   

By celebrating the achievements of our alumni, we take pride in being a part of their journey toward creating a sustainable and water-secure future. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our AquaAction Alumni Spotlight series, where we’ll introduce you to more innovators who continue to shape the future of water solutions. 

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