AquaAction at Salon des TEQ

By AquaAction
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On May 17 and 18, the AquaAction team and the AquaEntrepreneur Montreal program cohort attended the Salon des Technologies Environnementales du Québec (TEQ), at the Quebec City Convention Centre, organized by Réseau Environnement. The two days were filled with meetings, panels, networking and inspiring conferences.

AquaAction and the AquaEntrepreneur Montréal cohort: exhibitors at the Salon des TEQ 2022

We all participated in the event as exhibitors Mélissa Dick, Impact Acceleration Manager, Laurence Basso, Communications Coordinator and Alejandro Martinez-Ramos, AquaAction’s Start-up Community Coordinator took turns talking to many curious and familiar faces as they passed by our  booth.

After a two-year break, the whole team was really happy to see each other in person again.

Thanks to their participation in the AquaEntrepreneur Montreal program, three young enterprises were able to exhibit their technologies at the Salon des TEQ:

  • Rachel Labbé-Bellas of Stations O’LAND

Winner of the 2019 AquaHacking Challenge, Rachel and her team developed a water bottle refilling station, connected to the municipal water supply. Her project has been deployed in several music festivals such as Métro Métro and Osheaga.

“It was really great to reconnect with the AquaAction community after more than two years of isolation and to make contacts with potential clients in Quebec City. We always learn so much when we meet in person for small-talk. I am more motivated thanks to the encouragement of the AquaAction network and look forward to seeing which cities will take the initiative and try promising technologies and solutions like O’land – for drinking water distribution, handwashing services, and to improve communication by using our stations as marketing platforms for educating the public about the importance of city water!”

  • Eddy Dureuil and Timothé Roy- Bouchard from Ecotime

Participants in the Rivière des Mille Îles AquaHacking Challenge in 2021, these two young professionals have developed a rainwater, also known as greywater,  recovery, and redistribution system for buildings.

“It was a privilege to be among the companies at the TEQ show. Thanks to AquaAction we were able to expand our network of contacts and increase our visibility. The 5 à 7 that was hosted also allowed us to personalize our exchanges while enjoying the company of other teams. Thank you for your commitment and support.”

An expert in chemistry and water treatment technology, Aziz has developed a water treatment and recycling system for splash pads.

“Thanks  Aquaaction, for inviting us to the Salon des TEQ as an exhibitor. It allowed us to have more visibility, promote our services and technologies, meet potential clients, and to exchange with experts in the water industry. After a difficult period for Covid-19, it was a breath of fresh air for our company, which was launched in the middle of the pandemic.”

Take note:  We are accepting applications for the next cohort of the AquaEntrepreneur Québec program in June.

Our 1st Networking Event! 

Community support is critical for developing thriving startups and healthier and stronger entrepreneurs. Happily, the AquaAction community was fortunate to enjoy the warm and genuine camaraderie of its alumni and partners based in Quebec City. We made the most of being in Quebec City for the Salon des TEQ and decided to organize our first 5 à 7 of 2022!. It was an evening of uplifting conversations and fun moments. What a great way to break the isolation imposed by the pandemic and enjoy the company of like-minded innovators


Overall, the Salon des TEQ allowed us to meet people who are committed to the future of our environment and especially our water resources. We all left inspired by these meetings and more motivated than ever to accomplish our mission: restoring the health of freshwater.