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AquaAction and CTEAU Join Forces to Stimulate Entrepreneurship in the Water Sector

By AquaAction
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AquaAction and CTEAU Join Forces to Stimulate Entrepreneurship in the Water Sector

Montreal, March 7, 2024 – AquaAction, a non-profit organization committed to the restoration and protection of freshwater, and CTEAU (Centre des technologies de l’eau), the premier technology transfer center dedicated to water technologies, have announced a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration aims to establish a vibrant ecosystem that will support and propel water tech entrepreneurs while positioning Quebec as a leader in the blue economy.

By joining forces, AquaAction and CTEAU are setting the stage for Quebec to become an innovation hub in the water sector. This strategic partnership will provide innovative projects with the necessary facilities and resources to thrive, nurturing talent and fostering the development of cutting-edge technologies.

The socio-economic and environmental impact of this collaboration will be significant for Canada. The innovative solutions developed by Quebec’s start-ups will contribute to the conservation of water resources. Cities, municipalities, and industries will benefit from access to pioneering technologies that enhance water treatment and management.

“Our entrepreneurs emerging from our programming across North America will benefit from this partnership by gaining access to technical experts and testing facilities in the water field to facilitate the commercial adoption of water technologies in our water-constrained economy; this is a critical success factor.”- Soula Chronopoulos, President of AquaAction.

“Leveraging the business and technological expertise of AquaAction and Cteau will significantly accelerate the market introduction of new technologies, strengthening the blue economy and infrastructure resilience, and enabling Quebec and Canada to play a major role in this critical sector.”- Edith Laflamme, General Manager of Cteau.


Freshwater, essential to our lives and economy, is also at the heart of the challenges posed by climate change. AquaAction and CTEAU are joining forces to address this public safety imperative.


About AquaAction

Powered by Ovivo, RBC Tech for Nature, Xerxes and the Fondation de Gaspe Beaubien, AquaAction is a registered charity, in Canada and the United States, created in 2015. AquaAction, created in 2015, is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring and protecting the health of fresh water. It has launched and supported more than 80 water technology companies generating over $150 million in annual revenues. For more information, visit

About Cteau:  

The Cteau (Centre des technologies de l’eau) is the premier technology transfer centre dedicated to water technologies and the ecological management of the resource. Its multidisciplinary team of over 50 researchers, technicians, specialists and trainees accelerates the realization of innovative projects for all aspects of water treatment, whether drinking, waste, process or rainwater. Its affiliation with the Cégep de Saint-Laurent means that it can count on the collaboration of teachers from the water technology, bioecology and science programs.  It also allows us to enhance our students’ career paths, complementing their training with internships that facilitate their entry into the job market. For more information on Cteau:

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