Alumni startup Ozero, AquaHacking BC ’20, featured in article by La Tribune

By Mélissa Dick
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During the summer season, the lakes are used extensively by boaters who are out enjoying water activities. But little do they know, a threat could be lurking in those waters. Coming from Asia and/or Europe, the zebra mussel, an invasive aquatic species, has been present in many Canadian lakes for about 30 years now. Becoming more and more frequent, those mussels are causing economic and environmental problems because they spread quickly by the transportation of boats from lake to lake, as they stick to the walls and ballast tanks, and can easily be introduced to new lakes.

Luckily, Ozero, a startup created by a team of mechanical engineering graduates from the University of Sherbrooke, has developed a solution to help address this problem. To know more about their innovative solution, you can read the article “Ozero à la rescousse” from July 10, 2020 in the paper La Tribune (in french only).

Ozero, a group of 6 students from University of Sherbrooke, was part of the 2020 AquaHacking Challenge in BC. Their team was awarded first place in the finals because of their innovative clean tech solution to help protect our freshwater ecosystems and lakes. Learn more about their project in their Final AquaHacking pitch that secured them 1st place!