26 startups innovantes


By Marilou Filliol
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We’re delighted to announce the 26 innovative startups hand-picked to join our third cohort ofAquaEntrepreneur! These visionary water technology entrepreneurs are ready to embark on our commercialization acceleration program to make a splash in Quebec.

Water treatment:

  • Ceresco Nutrition develops informed quartz silica for application in wastewater treatment to reduce ammonia levels and stimulate the nitrification process. Informed silica increases the efficiency of wastewater treatment by accelerating biological degradation. Using this technology saves energy and increases the capacity of wastewater treatment plants while complying with environmental standards.
  • Chembrains is a pioneer in effluent recycling and contaminant recovery, using a combination of advanced electrochemical, photocatalytic, filtration and oxidation processes to clarify, treat and disinfect water in a closed loop.
  • Ora Graphene Audio produces specialized membranes that can be used for water purification through filtration processes. Graphene oxide membranes feature a unique structure with nanoscale pores that can effectively filter out contaminants including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and organic pollutants. The exceptional permeability and selectivity of graphene oxide membranes make them highly effective in water treatment, oil and gas separation or pulp and paper applications.
  • Ultra Bio Logics is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions for treating wastewater in such a way as to render it clean and potentially consumable. These solutions not only optimize the use of water treatment basins up to their maximum capacity but also guarantee the discharge of clean, uncontaminated water into existing networks. Based entirely on natural processes, these solutions are versatile and can be applied in a variety of industrial, agricultural and mining sectors, as well as in emergency situations such as chemical spills.

Water quality and management:

  • Drone Des Champs develops innovative technological solutions enabling municipalities to obtain precise data on the volume of sludge in their aerated basins. The solutions proposed enable these operations to be carried out safely, with a minimum of personnel, and with unrivalled data quality, i.e. a margin of error of less than 5% between the estimated volume of wet sludge in a basin and the volume actually extracted.
  • Independent Robotics is developing an autonomous underwater robotic vehicle that can be used to monitor underwater infrastructures or natural environments. As a platform, it can host (in addition to integrated stereo video surveillance) additional sensors such as sonar or water quality monitoring sensors. This system can help manage underwater or coastal infrastructures. The system can also be used for inspection as part of water reservoir maintenance for industrial processes.
  • JFSA specializes in hydrology and hydraulic modeling (rivers, sewer systems, retention basins, etc.); development of stormwater management, water quality and erosion control plans; analysis of heavy precipitation (radar data); rainfall data collection; surface water sampling and water quality data interpretation; modeling software development; research and development in the field of water engineering.
  • InfinityQ Technology Inc. focuses on the development of quantum-inspired computing solutions that solve highly complex problems in many sectors, including logistics, transportation, life sciences, energy, and the pulp and paper industry.

Energy :

  • Texcana specializes in setting up pellet plants in Quebec and Eastern Canada, using residual forest biomass and waste materials. The company offers a turnkey service for the design, development and commissioning of production units while ensuring the supply of raw materials and the sale of the finished product.

Agtech :

  • Association Vergers d’Afrique: Develops soutions that recycle used agricultural plastics for a circular economy in irrigation, optimizing water use by 60% via drip irrigation kits and reducing the impact of climate change.
  • Muclitech is a designer and manufacturer of intelligent equipment that enables greenhouse and indoor growers to optimize their climate management, reduce energy costs by up to 15% and improve crop yields. Their solutions, manufactured in Quebec using 3D printing, take advantage of a technological innovation developed by Muclitech to deal with humidity problems in a much more efficient and ecological way.
  • Planteva Farms is revolutionizing the use of water in vertical seedling farming with an innovative approach that significantly reduces water wastage and delivers savings of up to 95% compared with a traditional seedling greenhouse.
  • RHST Industries introduces Waterpearls, the ultimate “drop it and forget it” solution for water conservation. Inspired by nature, Waterpearls are a revolutionary technology designed to dramatically reduce water evaporation without constant monitoring. With Waterpearls, simply deploy and let nature take its course. Say goodbye to worries about water loss and hello to sustainable water management. RHST Industries paves the way for a future where water conservation is effortless and efficient.
  • Smart Green digitizes agribusiness using Industry 4.0 technologies to help farmers use water, fertilizer and energy optimally by delivering the precise amount of water and fertilizer on time to conserve resources, and improve productivity and food security.

Food & Beverage:

  • O’land Solutions provides portable drinking water refill and hand-washing stations for large public spaces to reduce single-use plastic pollution.
  • Flirt Drinks transforms everyday moments with sparkling drinks made from real recycled fruit, bursting with fresh flavour. Flirt Drinks is revolutionizing the industry by reducing waste and supporting sustainable development. Their beverages embody the enchantment of turning routine into extraordinary while preserving the planet and enhancing local communities.
  • Agriculture du Coin is a Quebec-based start-up with the concept of revolutionizing conventional agriculture in ultra-urban environments. An avant-garde implementation of aquaponic technological innovation, in the city center to connect consumers and producers in a sustainable way. The farm will produce Arctic char and vegetables using ecological and socially responsible methods. To connect consumers and producers, a café/grocery store will be created in the production building.


  • Ecotime has created Oasis: the ultimate all-in-one rainwater harvesting and distribution system, designed to revolutionize rainwater reuse in buildings. In doing so, Oasis dramatically reduces the consumption of precious drinking water resources for non-potable applications. Ecotime harnesses unused water and energy sources to save on utility costs while enhancing end-user comfort and convenience.
  • Splitom offers a unique solution that addresses two key issues: the energy consumption of digital operations and building heating costs. Instead of dissipating server heat as wasted energy, Splitom captures and recycles it. The recycled heat is used to reheat building water thanks to their digital water heating system. By reusing this excess heat, Splitom helps to reduce the overall energy consumption of digital operations while simultaneously providing a cost-effective heating solution for the buildings.

Environmental restoration :

  • Alliance Myrique cultivates a plant with numerous environmental properties: the Myrique des Îles. This plant is particularly useful for protecting banks against erosion. This action provides lasting protection for wetlands and the flora and fauna that inhabit them.
  • Structures SBB specializes in the design and manufacture of aluminum structures to prepare for the impacts of global warming. Our flood protection system is modular, lightweight and easy to deploy in the field, helping to mitigate the risks associated with flooding caused by heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt or hazardous waste spills. Our ambition is to offer our expertise to cities, regions and industrial customers worldwide.
  • Biocene Solutions ‘ mission is to clean up bodies of water while promoting a circular economy. The first product, Algo, is based on the idea of remedying algae blooms caused by current agricultural and industrial practices. Algo removes excess algae from water bodies, returning levels to their natural equilibrium, improving water quality and providing a long-term, sustainable and equitable solution to water management. The collected biomass is converted into a number of value-added products for the energy, metallurgy and agricultural sectors, to encourage sustainable consumption.

Water harvesting :

  • Permalution: Technology and innovation for fog water harvesting and climate adaptation solutions. Permalution develops climate adaptation technologies using fog and clouds, and is committed to creating innovative solutions to today’s global water and climate change challenges. Permalution is a world-class company whose mission is to democratize a new source of water to alleviate the world’s water stress.
  • Phaneuf International: The snow melter solution developed by Phaneuf offers an innovative approach to the challenges facing arenas and municipalities. By focusing on improving energy efficiency, sustainable water management, reducing operating costs and improving ice quality, their solution provides a comprehensive and sustainable response to their customers’ needs. Their solution is an attractive choice for those seeking efficient, environmentally friendly solutions for their facilities.

In collaboration with : Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie du Québec (MEIE)

Main partners: IVÉO, Cteau – Centre des technologies de l’eau, Réseau Environnement and McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship